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PlattelandsTv is a Flemish Wildlife, Nature and Countryside channel.
The farm, horses, the smells, colors and flavors of the countryside, hunting and fishing, mountains and waters… and so much more.

The channel combines five different themes:

  • ‘Boerenstebuiten’ brings reports on everything concerning agriculture;
  • ‘HippoTv’ is all about equestrian sports, breeding and recreation;
  • ‘Jacht&Visvangst’ is fully dedicated to hunting and fishing;
  • ‘Countrylife’ focuses on everything that lives and moves in the countryside and reports on regional products, lifestyle and nature experiences.
  • ‘Docutime’ features global nature in the very best international documentaries.

AreaMedia acquires content for PlattelandsTv from providers all over the world to enrich the program offering of the channel.

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