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Het Brouwhuis

On Friday, September 1st, we moved to one of the beautiful new office spaces in the monumental ‘Het Brouwhuis’ in Breda, which dates to 1887. The new office, consisting of a first floor, basement and mezzanine, is a creative and inspiring place where possible plans for AreaMedia to expand can be realised.

Together with designer Bart van Bekhoven ( we researched the office’s possibilities. We have come to a total concept in which craft and comfort seamlessly merge. By providing all rooms with different types of workplaces a larger creative flow has been created and more variety in our working mode. As we are on the road and abroad a lot, we like our office to be a second home  where we can return to work out ideas, projects and appointments.

Whoever enters our office will immediately notice that all the original elements of the old Brewery have been preserved and integrated into the new decor. One of the walls is covered with 9 television screens, showing the TV stations we represent. The reflection on the windows in the floor provide a playful effect. Through the glass you can see the basement where large meeting tables are set up. The wall is lined with a bullet board on one side and with images from iconic actors on the other side. The mezzanine ensures a beautiful overview of the whole work environment, where inspiration is guaranteed.

We hope to welcome you at our new office soon, because every opportunity is a good opportunity to come and visit us.

History as inspiration

Until 2004, a famous Dutch brewery was established in the monumental building ‘Het Brouwhuis’. The original brewery was founded in 1538 and named after the blacksmith ‘De Drij Hoefijssers’ who was opposite the brewery. In the past centuries, there have been several name plates on the facade, but it has always kept its function as a brewery. In 1887 a completely new brewery was built at the current location. Among other brands, the famous beer ‘Skol’ and ‘Oranjeboom’ were brewed here. Through acquisitions and a shift of production, the property was released at the beginning of this century and threatened to deteriorate. Fortunately, TTRR came to the rescue and preserved this industrial heritage from decay. History is retained with the renovation of ’Het Brouwhuis’ and with its high ceilings, impressive brewery and old boiler house it creates a vibrant and constructive working environment for a number of companies, including AreaMedia.

The future

At the moment, the beautiful renovation is in the final phase and the brewery has maintained its atmospheric details. The unique decorative floors, cast iron pillars, tile and wall decorations have remained intact and create the new home of AreaMedia.